How to prepare a presentation for an investor

The presentation should not be long, 15-20 minutes will be enough — approximately 2 minutes for each slide. The pitch must be well-honed and to the point, so that from the first time, from the very first attempt, the person who will listen to you will be interested. Therefore, it is better to use the slides to support your verbal presentation, and not to carry absolutely the entire text that you will speak aloud.

What should the introduction to your presentation contain?

First, briefly tell us who you are and why you are here. The presentation of the project should be made only by the head of the startup, who would give a clear and understandable explanation of what the startup does. The main project idea, concept, relevant market realities for your current project should be presented. In fact, tell why you really understand what you are going to do.

What should be said about the team?

In this section, introduce the team — the people behind the implementation of the idea or project you are presenting. These are founders, key employees, mentors/advisors. A full biography is not required – it is enough to mention the previous 2-3 projects that your co-founders and key people in the team worked on, relevant experience and their past and present performance or specific successes in product promotion and development (as in previous companies , as well as in your startup).

How to talk about your tasks?

Start by explaining to the investor exactly what problem your product solves and whether that problem really exists. When you talk about a problem, you need to confirm its existence by researching real representatives of your target audience. Confirmation of demand must be expressed in real quantitative indicators.

How to talk about your advantages?

Provide arguments in favor of why your proposed solution is special, what lies behind it. Answer the following questions:

  • own or borrowed technology;
  • why the technology is unique (if it really is);
  • thanks to which partnership agreements you have a technological advantage;
  • what, in fact, is your “chip” in addition to technological features.

What to write about the solution?

In this component, you describe what solves the problem defined in the previous paragraph. You don’t have to know 100% that your solution to a problem will work. You can only make a proposal regarding the existing solution and the level of its demand in the market. The only proof of the seriousness of intentions is the willingness to pay. Therefore, you must first sell the product/service and prove that you are solving someone’s problem, in addition to satisfying your own curiosity.

How to talk about the product?

When you get to this part, it’s best to show an example of exactly how the product works. Tell how your solution is more effective than the alternatives – faster, better, cheaper (or how much it allows you to earn during a certain period of time).

You need to know absolutely everything about your own product or service:

  • technical characteristics, how it is created and what it “can do”;
  • whether there is a prototype or a minimum viable product (MVP);
  • for whom it is intended – a portrait of the target audience (CA);
  • what problems of your CA does it solve;
  • how your product differs from competitors. Are there competitors and if so, how many and who;
  • why you are sure that your product has the prospect of occupying its niche in the market and whether this niche exists.